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Sustaining Campaign


A group of music lovers came together in 2014 to discuss the loss of yet another music-centric space, The Electric Fetus. This epic record store not only provided us with vinyl, CDs, tapes, and band posters, but it was a place to geek out on music of all kinds.

Our other venues that raised us included the Javas: Java Joint and Java Z, where music made the walls bump, and Francis, an older bearded icon of St. Cloud arts culture, entertained students and staff with his piano playing and silent presence. Both of these all-ages venues no longer exist in downtown St. Cloud, yet those who benefited hope to find something similar for their kids, as they grow into adults.

The Independent Music Collaborative of Central Minnesota grew out of this nostalgic concern, run by board members that want music venues to be vibrant, inclusive, and inspiring. They want musicians to be paid for their talents, properly promoted, and supported even when off stage.

Therefore, IMCCM has developed a series of professional development programs and are fiscal managers of the new Common Roots Festival (going into its 3rd year this coming August!) IMCCM has dreams to do so much more, but need your help..

We ask you to support the general fund of the IMCCM through sustaining donations ($5 or $50 per month - it all adds up!)

Your monthly donations:

  • Build a reserve fund for impromptu music performances.

  • Keep Professional Development programs on the calendar, without dependency on grants or sponsorships.

  • Build a fund to acquire an all-ages venue for young musicians, mentoring programs, and collaborations.

  • Pay for sexy stuff like tax preparation, letterhead, ink, and the website

You will be listed as a sustaining member on our website, and maybe if we hit this out of the park, we can have a little par-tay!

If you’d like to just give a one-time donation, please click here.


Thank you! You are an instrumental part of the music in our community!