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Big Change happens one event at a time…


Professional Development Workshops
Bringing artists together to work through the challenges of running a business is the key to growth in our greater community!

Business Jams & MerchShops are just a sample of these intentional meetings of the creative Minds that love music too much to give it up.

Sponsorships range from $250 - $2500 depending on the project.


A sponsorship is an opportunity to really support the efforts needed to build a stronger, more sustainable, music and arts community.

By donating $250 - $2500, your business can be an instrumental part of something big! Smaller sponsorships may be a “match” to a grant from the regional or state arts council. Bigger contributions can underwrite an entire workshop where musicians and artists create merch and build on collaborative efforts.

Sponsorship Opportunities can be discussed with IMCCM leadership before a commitment of amount or program is decided. To discuss the opportunity, please email